Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Trailer

Published on 09 Jul 2019 / In Other

A biography of Ian Dury who was stricken with polio at a young age and defied expectations by becoming one of the founder of the punk-rock scene in Britain in the 1970s. Andy Serkis,Tom Hughes,Clifford Samuel,Joseph Kennedy,Arthur Darvill,James Jagger,Shakraj Soornack,Mackenzie Crook,Olivia Williams,Sam Spruell,Julian Cox,Nick Rowson,Wesley Nelson,Ross Boatman,Msimisi Dlamini,Bill Milner,Sabrina Jones,Ruby Ashbourne Serkis,Sonny Ashbourne Serkis,Naomie Harris,Charlotte Beaumont,Ray Winstone,Toby Jones,Ralph Ineson,Marc Lambert-Clark,Georgina Edewor-Thorley,Cassie Edewor-Thorley,Ian Neil,Joe Siffleet,Andrew Knott,Giuseppe Circelli,Luke Evans,Noel Clarke,Alan McKenna,Ferdy Roberts,Poppy Miller,Hamish Thompson,Cortez Nelson,Michael Maloney,Mark Arends,Dom Arresthead,Chloe Arrowsmith,Catherine Balavage,Jennifer Carswell,Kenton Hall,Ellie Jeffreys,David Lyddon,Stéphanie Montreux,Elisabeth Roberts,Karol Steele,Nick Turner,Chris Wilson

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